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I am head of Protech Pest Control, who offer pest control services that will keep your home completely pest-free.


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Are you facing sleepless nights due to worrying about your dog or cat who just won't stop scratching? The chances of it being a flea infestation are high, but how do you confirm if it is? In this article, you will learn how to identify a flea and what signs of an infestation to look out for.

If you are within proximity to an insect and if it feels endangered, you could end up getting bitten or stung by them. If the pest feels unbothered by your presence, it is unlikely to sting humans around.

When compared to other bird species, pigeons are considered as the worst type of bird that you could have infest your home this is because not only do pigeons carry a variety of diseases along with them, but they also make a big mess of your property, driveway and your vehicle by scattering their nesting material or defecating on them....

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